On-Site Community Association Leadership Training

We bring the professionals to you. Our Chapter of the Community Associations Institute has put together a package to bring the Institute's best homeowner training programs to your community leaders - Board Leadership Development Workshop and Advanced Leadership Workshop. CAI wants to address your needs to educate your homeowners while making it simple and easy. You and your leaders do not even have to leave your community!

What is covered in the Board Leadership Development Workshop?
  • Overview of Common Interest Communities
  • Finances
  • Legal Foundation
  • Approach to Solving Problems
  • Creation and Enforcement of Rule and Restrictions
  • Maintenance
  • Hiring a Professional Team
  • Fair Housing Issues
  • Risk Control and Insurance
  • Conducting Successful Meetings
In order to host an On-Site educational program, we ask your community to:
  • Have a minimum of 10 participants
  • Provide the facility and refreshments
  • Distribute the promotional materials provided by the chapter
  • Provide your owners with a tremendous benefit of membership with CAI
  • Train the leaders of your community to better serve all owners within your community
Our Chapter of the Community Associations Institute will:
  • Provide the course materials, hand-outs and certificates of completion
  • Customize the program to fit the current needs of your community.
  • Provide the promotional flier for your dissemination
  • Provide qualified, professional speakers to present the educational materials
On-Site Program Fee:
Board Leadership Development Workshop: A charge of $750 includes up to 15 people. The cost for additional participants is $40 per person. When taking this course through the Chapter.